Hollywood Producer Set to Make Shows for Xbox

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From the NYTimes.com: Hollywood Producer Set to Make Shows for Xbox

Mr. Nocas said that about 10 million people had signed up for the Xbox Live service. Roughly 18 million of the game systems have been sold worldwide, he said.
10 million sounds like a decent number of people, but what percentage of them have actually buy media on Xbox Live?  I've bought upgrades to Halo 3 and one retro game- Super Bomberman and that's about it.  I joined Xbox Live for one thing- multiplayer gaming.

There are a few things about the Xbox 360/Xbox Live service that makes it a no go for me for video purchases.

  1. The Xbox 360 sounds like a vacuum cleaner when it's on.  It's tolerable to play Halo 3 because I don't have choice, but I do have other choices for watching video.
  2. Microsoft Points- Why does Microsoft have to its own currency?  It's a money grab because you have to buy your points in blocks.  And because of this, you always have points sitting there leftover.  Because of this, I buy as little as possible.
  3. Portability- Xbox Live purchase aren't portable and I can't play them on my iPods.
  4. Xbox Live interface clunky.  I'm always flipping through trying to find things that should be easier to find.
When I see my Xbox 360, I see one thing.  Video game platform.  Not a set top box.  Not in this incarnation of the Xbox.

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