Bill would ban ‘Bodies’ imports

From the Cincinnati Enquirer: Bill would ban ‘Bodies’ imports

Republican Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri has introduced a bill to prohibit the importation of plastinated human remains. He’s concerned that some of the Chinese people in the exhibit didn’t give permission for their bodies to be on display.

This news is several weeks old, but it’s good that it’s been reported by the Cincinnati Enquirer.  Generally, you only hear about Bodies the Exhibition through the nonstop advertising from the Musem Center.

It opened Feb. 1 for a seven-month run and already has sold 150,000 tickets priced at $11 to $23. Akin’s bill does not single out any particular Bodies exhibit or company that performs plastination. It wouldn’t affect any current shows.

Museum spokesman Rodger Pille declined to comment on the legislation,
but said in a statement that the Museum Center “stands by the strong
educational value of this exhibition.”

The Museum Center has a responsibility to the public to put on shows that are ethical.  They bear the burden of proof, but instead they’re turning a blind eye to this because of the profits this show can bring.  They say it’s all about education, but what this really is selling out for proffits.

“Education” has been used throughout the years to justify many wrongs.  You can justify Nazi experiments or Tuskegee if you leave out ethical issues and just focus on education.

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