Obama Organizational Meeting Cincinnati 2/13/08


Went to the Barack Obama Cincinnati Organizational meeting last night at the New Friendship Baptist Church.  The traffic was terrible and parking non-existent, but once I got inside, the excitement was palpable.  It was estimated by the media that over 1000 people showed up for this meeting that was only announced one day before.  I got there a few minutes after the 6:00PM start time and the church was overflowing with people.  I managed to find a space behind the last row of pews by the main aisle where I took this picture.  This picture doesn’t show all the people that were lined all the way around the room.

There were several speakers, including the young staffers who all introduced themselves and the areas they are coordinating.  Most of them are “veteran” staffers of other primary battles and have come to town to help organize the infrastructure.  They’re so young and enthusiastic.  And they know what’s at stake.  An Ohio win by Barack Obama will almost certainly push him over the top.

For more information on how you can be involved, visit BarackObama.com

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