Shazam iPhone App to start charging monthly fee

From NYTimes.com: Shazam, Maker of Cellphone App, Draws Investment

Shazam currently offers its application for iPhones and Nokia phones free, but charges for the BlackBerry version. However, by the end of the year, it plans to give all users five free song identifications a month and charge them $4.99 a month if they want unlimited usage and extra features. Shazam will most likely sell other items from within the application, like band tickets and merchandise, and branch into other types of media, like video.

The company is currently profitable now through iTunes referrals.  I like the Shazam app for the iPhone, but there’s no way it’s worth $4.99 a month for just song identification.  Changing your business model after building your base of customers is very risky.

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