Star Trek’s New Enterprise

The new Star Trek had a surprise premiere in Austin and its official premiere in Sydney yesterday and the initial reviews are very positive.  I’ve been a little on the fence about this movie.  I have always loved Star Trek and I was afraid of any “reboot” that would drastically shift Star Trek away from an emphasis on stories and characters to pure action.  Initial reports are of a frenetic pace with lots of action, but still retaining the essence of Star Trek.  That’s encouraging and I’m starting to get more excited about seeing it.

Here’s a comparison of the different Enterprises seen in the TV show and the movies.
3_enterprises.jpegThe top Enterprise is from the original television show.  The middle Enterprise is the one shown in 1979’s Star Trek the Motion Picture.  In the movie, the middle Enterprise is actually the same ship as the top Enterprise after being refitted upon its return from the original five year mission.

The bottom Enterprise is from the new Star Trek and is a modern take of the top Enterprise.

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  • Reply Brian May 9, 2010 at 10:40 pm

    I loved the rebooted JJ Abrams movie, but I prefer the 1979 (middle) version of the ship itself to the “alternate reality” Enterprise. The TV series was an optimistic Cold War-era vision of the future, based on a sense that somehow human society would survive to become technologically advanced and peaceful. The ’79 version of the ship retains this “look and feel,” but it’s much more elegant and detailed than the original version.

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