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October 2008


Presidential Election Cabbage Patch dolls on eBay

The Presidential Election Cabbage Patch dolls are now available for bidding on eBay.  As of late Thursday night, the Sarah Palin Cabbage Patch is the most expensive with a high bid of $3100.  That’s more than the three male dolls combined.

I think McCain probably had this doll in mind as the perfect VP candidate.  Cute, silent, and won’t go rogue on you.

From eBay:
Cabbage Patch Kids Presidential Candidate John McCain
Cabbage Patch Kids Vice President Candidate Sarah Palin

Cabbage Patch Kids Presidential Candidate Barack Obama
Cabbage Patch Kids Vice President Candidate Joe Biden


Crazy localized gas prices

Thorntons199.jpgIt’s pretty amazing how much the price of gas can fluctuate within a city.  Out here in West Chester, where I work, the price of gas yesterday was $1.99.  In Clifton, near the Gaslight District, the Marathon had gas for $2.65!  I understand that sometimes you pay for convenience, but that spread is pretty large.

I did tank up yesterday.  It was hard to resist when gas breaks below $2, so I ended up getting 5 gallons for my car.  But, yes prices dropped again today so I once again had to fight the urge to put more gas into my car.


Deleting photos from the iPhone

I’ve been using iPhoto to download my iPhone photos to my Macintosh.  After every download, iPhoto gives you an option to delete the photos that you’ve just downloaded.  Sometimes I do, but other times I don’t because I want to keep some of those pictures in my camera roll.

The problem is that if you skip this opportunity to delete, there’s no way to delete photos from your phone using iPhoto.

Until Apple changes iPhoto, you can use an Apple application already on your computer, Image Capture that can copy and delete photos from your iPhone.