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October 2010

Technology Angry Birds Dev Announces 2M Android Downloads Angry Birds Dev Announces 2M Android Downloads

The Android version, which Rovio said achieved 1 million downloads in its first day, is ad-supported and free to download. Rovio said via Twitter that “paid apps have not done very well on Android,” but the company also tweeted that the Android version’s next update will introduce a “paid ad-free version.”

Paid apps don’t do well but free ad supported ones do well?  I think Google could care less about paid apps since their whole business model is about selling ads.

Uncategorized NBA bans super-jumping shoes NBA bans super-jumping shoes

The NBA is prohibiting its players from wearing a new line of sneakers that claims to increase vertical leap.

These shoes have not been shown to definitively increase jumping height, but the fact that the have banned from the NBA is marketing gold.  Makes it a must have for rec players everywhere.