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September 2010

Cincinnati Chad Ochocinco Cereal Promotes Phone Sex Line Chad Ochocinco Cereal Promotes Phone Sex Line

The phone number printed on Ochocinco’s cereal boxes directs callers to a phone sex line that offers “the sluttiest girls your nasty imagination can dream.” The voice who answers the call promises that “me and my ultra-hot girlfriends will do whatever it takes to pleasure you,” and the woman does not spare detail when mentioning multiple sexual positions.

Ochocinco says the erotic number is all one big mistake.

The number should have been 888-HELP-FTC, instead the number is printed as 800-HELP-FTC. 

I actually have this same problem with one of the toll free numbers for my business.  It’s listed everywhere correctly, but if the customer dials in 800 instead of 888 they get a sex line.

Uncategorized Turf Wars: Seeing Red

This looks cool, but the colored field thing is getting a little out of hand.  Eastern Washington has followed Boise State in introducing the “Inferno”, a bright red field with black trim.

Last night I was watching the Boise State/Oregon State game and it was difficult to see the Boise State players because their blue uniforms matched the blue turf.  If they want to continue to have their games on network TV, they should at least wear white uniforms.


Live action Star Blazers!

Star Blazers was my first experience with Anime and a total change from the cartoons that I grew up watching on network TV.  Star Blazers is an English dubbed version of a series in Japan called Space Battleship Yamato.  I was 9 or 10 at the time, but I was immediately drawn to the epic story arc and the more mature themes that it had.  It’s probably the main reason I’m a science fiction fan today.

I was pretty excited to see a live movie version being made in Japan that seems exactly like how I remembered it but with amazing special effects.  Hopefully there will be a subtitled version we can see in movie theaters or on Blu-ray.

Via Watch the new trailer for the Space Battleship Yamato movie

Another  trailer that needs to be seen just for the theme song!

Uncategorized Thieves Cart Off St. Louis Bricks Thieves Cart Off St. Louis Bricks

After the fire that devastated much of St. Louis in 1849, city leaders passed an ordinance requiring all new buildings to be made of noncombustible material. That law, along with the rich clays of eastern Missouri, led to a flourishing brick industry here. Historians say that at the industry’s height, around 1900, the city had more than 100 manufacturing plants, and St. Louis became known for the quality, craftsmanship and abundance of its brick.

Ms. Buck estimates that as many as eight tractor-trailer loads of stolen bricks leave the city each week for Florida, Louisiana or Texas, because “St. Louis brick is in such high demand.”

Pretty shocking story.  Hope something like this doesn’t happen around here with all the brick buildings we have in Cincinnati.  Material theft is a tremendous problem with criminals making minimal amounts of money while inflicting tremendous costs in damage.

Uncategorized Uncle Lends Steady Hand in Nadal’s Unsettled Life Uncle Lends Steady Hand in Nadal’s Unsettled Life

One night, Nadal, his uncle and his publicist, Benito Pérez-Barbadillo, decided to dine at their hotel’s rooftop restaurant. As Toni Nadal recalled, on the elevator ride up, Pérez-Barbadillo noticed that Nadal was wearing long shorts and told him that there was a dress code but that the restaurant would surely be willing to relax the rule. Toni Nadal said he turned to his nephew and said, “Rafael, you must go change.”

And Nadal did.

“When you think you are the king of the world,” Toni Nadal said, “you are really stupid in my opinion because in this life every person is important.”