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May 2011

Uncategorized Last known World War I combatant dies at 110 Last known World War I combatant dies at 110

The last known survivor of the 70 million combatants from World War I, a British sailor who witnessed the surrender of the German fleet in 1918, has died at the age of 110.

“He always said that the old men make the decisions that send the young men into war,” Adrian said.

“He used to say, if it was the other way around, and the old pollies were off fighting, then there would never be any wars.”


Free Amazon Kindle Book: Team Secrets Of The Navy Seals

The Free Amazon Kindle book Team Secrets Of The Navy Seals seems appropriate on the occasion of Osama Bin Laden’s death.  No, the book does not give secrets on how to hunt down and kill fugitive masterminds, but  gives lessons on leadership for an aggressive business environment.

Team Secrets of the Navy SEALs is written especially for business professionals who want to make it in today’s extremely aggressive business environment. No force or unit has ever had more success than the SEALs. Author Robert Needham uses the lessons he’s learned as a Navy SEAL to guide the reader through the role of being or becoming a leader.

Uncategorized Naked Flying Pig runner arrested Naked Flying Pig runner arrested

Police say Henderson was told to exit the race and get in a police car but he refused, running around an officer and continuing to run in the race. Eventually, Henderson was instructed to get in a car or he would be Tased. Henderson kept on running and an officer Tased him.

Henderson was not a registered participant in the Flying Pig, according to a race roster.

No point in registering if there’s no place to pin on the bib.  Being naked and tased has to be one of the ultimate indignities.