Ah, the joys of city living…

Last night at 2:30AM, I heard a car alarm go off.  Car alarms are pretty common in the city, more an annoyance than anything else.  This one, sounded vaguely familiar, so I shook off my slumber and crawled out of bed.  I looked down from my third story window and saw a car with its lights flashing and its horn honking.  It was my car.

There wasn’t anyone around my car and I couldn’t see anyone running up or down the street.  At 2:30AM, my brain was still using sleepy logic at the time so I decided that I would turn off the alarm, relock the doors from the comfort of my bedroom and go back to bed.

This morning, I went out to check the damage and saw that the small rear window was broken and my ancient radar detector was stolen.  It was old, but trusty.  I have never gotten a speeding ticket since I’ve had it.  But, it was held to the window through this suction cup contraption that I had created since the original mount was broken.  They didn’t take the mount and I doubt they’ll figure out how to hook it to the window like I did!

My car is sometimes messy and I always joked that the security of my car was based on obscurity.  Security through obscurity.  Too much junk to sort through!  The criminals weren’t up to the task of sorting out the junk car so it must have worked!

I cleaned the glass (car window glass breaks into a zillion little pieces) and taped up the window.  I had brought out a white garbage bag and a black garbage bag for the window.  I ended up choosing the white garbage bag, but the real star of the repair job was the clear duct tape that I had purchased.  I love clear duct tape!  I’ve already used it twice around the house for repairs that I should have probably used something more permanent!  It’s just the MacGyver in me.

Happy Easter!

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