Ikea Opens in Cincinnati

From the Cincinnati Enquirer: Ikea opening draws thousands

I love Ikea, but you won’t see me around there for the next couple of weeks.  Not until the crowds thin out a little.

In honor of the grand opening, here’s the website of Mark Malkoff, a comedian who lived in an Ikea for a week.  The videos are great!


  1. I know! I so wish I were there. I’m sitting here in the office dreaming about Expedit bookcases and all sorts of other modular treasures.
    I’m thinking of going over tonight but it’s just me and Addie and that could be disastrous.

  2. I honestly don’t know when I’m going to head over. I’m just a little afraid to face the Union Centre traffic. Usually I drive that way when I go home, but now I’m getting on the highway at Tri-County instead.


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