Star Trek movie pictures

00019138.jpgFound some pictures for the upcoming Star Trek movie.  I’m really looking forward to this!  My reactions to the pictures

Chris Pine (Kirk) and Zach Quinto (Spock) look pretty good in character.
Uniform design looks great.  Reminiscent of the original series, but sleeker.  The material looks a little like Nike’s Dri-Fit material.
Mini skirt uniforms and boots!

The Bridge of this starship (not sure if it’s the Enterprise) looks too futuristic.
The Romulan villain looks a little creepy and weird.  Why do villains always have to be evil looking?
00019098.jpgIf you’ve been watching Heroes, you’ve seen this “Sylar” look before.

Here’s are links to some pictures from the new upcoming Star Trek movie.

From AceShowBiz.com: Revealing Photos of ‘Star Trek’ Found
From AceShowBiz.com: More Fresh Photos From ‘Star Trek’ Hit

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