Air Swimmers

My sister bought one of these Air Swimmers from VAT19 to share with all the kids in our extended family during the holidays. It was a hit! Even my 80+ year old grandmother took a turn flying it around the room. The Air Swimmer is a helium filled remote controlled balloon with motors that moves through the air like a fish moves through water. It is pretty much what you see in the video below.

you have young kids I would recommend the Clownfish because the shark actually
caused one of the younger kids to cry. No one is afraid of Nemo!

You can fly it around small rooms, like we did, but the Air Swimmer is much more suited to larger rooms. If you have a “great room” with high ceilings you’ll be able to fly the Air Swimmer up and down.

The only inconvenience with the Air Swimmer is its need of helium. However, you can easily have it filled at a party store. It only cost $.99 to get our shark filled which should last a couple weeks.

It’s really cleverly done and I highly recommend it.

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