Alabama Fish Bar

If you like fried fish and fries, Alabama Fish Bar is the place for you.  It’s located at the intersection of Race and Liberty in Over the Rhine.  I’ve driven by a thousand times, but stopped in for the first time last week.  I’ve always wished for more restaurants in Over the Rhine, so there’s no excuse for not visiting and supporting the ones that are already there.

Alabama Fish Bar is a small take-out place where your only choice of food is three types of fish, Perch, Cod, and Whiting. The fish is lightly coated in batter and deep fried.  It’s crispy and not too greasy.  Each order of fish is served on a bed of fries and some bread.  With each order there’s a choice of toppings of grilled onions and hot peppers.  The fish and fries are handed to you before they’re wrapped up so you can add your condiments of choice, malt vinegar, ketchup, or mustard.

I don’t eat fried foods often, but I enjoyed the fish.  It’s a cheap meal and you get a lot of fish for the money.

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