Dean Says Attacks Getting Too Personal

From the AP on NPR.com: Dean Says Attacks Getting Too Personal

This is an interesting interview because Howard Dean has mostly been pretty quiet about what might be done to resolve the fractious campaign between Obama and Clinton.

About surrogates attacking:

“You do not want to demoralize the base of the Democratic Party by having the Democrats attack each other.”

The supporters should keep their mouths shut about this stuff on both sides because that is harmful to the potential victory of a Democrat.”

I definitely agree with this.  Too much chatter by the “surrogates”.  For the most part, no one knows who these surrogates are until they say something that gets picked up by the media.  Do we really need to hear what Geraldine Ferraro has to say?  She hasn’t been relevant in years.  Or Obama’s advisor Samantha Power?

I felt that most of the attacks originally started with the Clinton campaign, but I feel like members of the Obama campaign has joined “silly season” too.  That’s unfortunately the way politics are these days.

He said it is good for the candidates to debate controversies like the incendiary sermons by Obama’s pastor and Clinton’s different accounts of danger on a trip to Bosnia as first lady. If Democrats didn’t deal with them now, he said Republicans will surely make use of them in the fall.

Unfortunately there’s not a lot of debate about these issues except barbs being tossed at each other.  It’s true though that these issues will be old hat by the time the Democratic nominee faces McCain.

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