Eiffel tower changing? No.

This has all the markings of an April Fool’s joke, but it seems like it might actually be real.

UPDATE: There are no plans to change the Effiel Tower
From Belfast Telegraph: Le Grand Hoax Effiel Tower Extension a fake.

“This is a hoax,” a tower spokeswoman said last night. “We have no idea where this came from. The whole thing is preposterous. There is no question of changing the way that the Eiffel Tower looks, even temporarily. We have plans for the 120th anniversary, of course, but nothing like this.”

Nevertheless, a spokesman for David Serero architects, who declined to give his name, insisted that the company had been, “invited to enter a limited competition”, and that, “we would not have drawn up such elaborate plans unless we thought that there was a genuine competition”.

UPDATE: The design was just a concept that was sent by Serero unsolicited.
From the NYTimes.com: France: No Eiffel Redesign Planned, Says Architect Who Made Proposal

David Serero, principal of Serero Architects, said in a telephone interview that his firm’s proposal was merely a spontaneous design it had submitted to the Eiffel Tower management group in view of the tower’s approaching 120th anniversary and, he said, was neither a response to a design competition nor solicited by the tower’s management.

From NYTimes.com: Eiffel Tower to Temporarily Alter Silhouette
Sunrise.jpgThe reason for the addition is to increase the tower’s visitor capacity for the 120th anniversary of the Eiffel Tower.  Here’s the terrifying view from the new platform.  I’m not so sure what that’s going to be like on a windy day!
terrasse-2.jpgMore Pictures from the architectural firm Serero

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