Erratic U.S. Foreign Policy

From CNN.com: Bush: We’re in a slowdown

The president also repeated his objection to sitting down with leaders of countries such as Iran and Cuba, nations accused of abusing human rights and stifling democracy.

The move has been an issue between Democratic presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

“It is extremely counterproductive, sends chilling messages to our allies. … It would be a mistake,” Bush said. “Having your picture taken with someone like Raul (Castro) lends the status of our country to him.” Castro, brother of Fidel, is the new president of Cuba.

Bush said he intends to meet with China’s president during a trip to Beijing to see the summer Olympic Games, which begin in August.

The Bush administration has accused China, a major U.S. trade partner, of human rights abuses. Bush didn’t elaborate on what issues he might bring up.

Hmmm.  Abusing human rights and stifling democracy.  China? Check and check!  And we’re going to meet the President of China during the Olympics?  I’m not saying that I disagree with Bush about talking to China, that’s how problems get resolved.  Foreign policy should be about dialog- even with people we don’t like.  

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