Father names baby “Sarah McCain Palin” without telling wife

From USAToday: Father goes behind wife’s back to name newborn ‘Sarah McCain Palin’

Mark Ciptak says he went behind his wife’s back and listed their newborn daughter’s name as “Sarah McCain Palin” on her birth-certificate application…

“She wanted Ava Grace. So, with a clear conscience, even though I know I was sort of going around her back, I kind of secretively put down Sarah McCain Palin instead of Ava Grace on another set of forms that I acquired from the front desk,”

Ciptak says told his wife about the switch the next day, while they were at the doctor’s office. He says she was speechless. “I felt a lot of cold air coming from her way,” Ciptak tells the station.

Full name of baby: Sarah McCain Palin Ciptak

That’s a great way to start life, named after two losers to be.  Would you be embarrassed if you were named John Lieberman Kerry or Bob Kemp Dole?

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  • Reply Sharon October 16, 2008 at 6:41 pm

    Wow-you may not like the woman, but to post a write-up calling her a loser is a bit of a stretch. I, and my girls, admire what she has done.

  • Reply MT October 16, 2008 at 10:16 pm

    Hi Sharon. I didn’t call her a loser. I called her a “loser to be”. Like she will be after Nov. 4th if the election reflects the current state of the polls.

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