Great Olympic athletic moments

From Kottke.org via Daring Fireball: Great Olympic moments on YouTube

A collection of some of the greatest athletic moments of the Olympics. 

A couple of things that stand out in the videos. 

Women’s uneven bar in gymnastics is a totally different event now than in the past.  The uneven bars are spaced further apart now and gymnasts barely use the lower bar.

Michael Johnson’s WR run in the 200m is equally as impressive as Usain Bolt’s 200m.  It looks like Michael Johnson slowed down in the end just like Bolt did in the 100m.  If Johnson had run through a little harder at the end he might still be holding the WR today. Bolt has gotten flack from IOC President Jacques Rogge for showing a lack of respect to other competitors during his celebrations.  But, if you watch Michael Johnson’s video, Bolt’s celebrations aren’t any different Johnson’s 12 years ago.  Whenever you win gold, set a world record, and claim the title of fastest human being on the planet, there’s a certain amount of individual pride that goes with it.

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