Helmets and shoulder pads could cause heat stroke in hot conditions

From ESPN.com: Judge orders jury trial in Stringer suit

A federal judge in Ohio concluded that manufacturer Riddell Inc. had a duty to warn Stringer that its helmets and shoulder pads could contribute to heat stroke when used in hot conditions.

Holschuh wrote it was “reasonably foreseeable … that a user of [Riddell’s] helmets and shoulder pads during extremely hot and humid conditions might suffer from a heat stroke.” Thus, Holschuh concluded, Riddell “owed Stringer a duty to warn.”

If it is reasonably foreseeable, then doesn’t that fall under “common sense”? 

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  • Reply Scott July 15, 2009 at 4:51 pm

    People with “common sense” are usually punished, or looked down upon here in America. That is why McDonald’s has to put “Caution Hot” on their coffee cups. Jif has to put, ” this product contains peanuts” on their peanut butter jars. Go figure.

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