Hillary’s Cult of Personality

We have often heard the term Cult of Personality in this primary election, but mostly in reference to Obama supporters.  But when I think of who has the cult and who does not, to me, more and more it’s Hillary and her supporters.

In recent states where Clinton has won, the exit polls have been showing that if Obama is the nominee, a majority of Hillary supporters will vote for McCain or not vote.  However, if Hillary is the nominee, Obama supporters would likely vote for her rather than McCain.

It’s a given that the relative policy positions of Obama and Hillary as Democrats are much closer to each other than to the Republican, John McCain.

So, why would Hillary supporters say they would vote for McCain rather than Obama?  Is this as some Democrats have said, a temporary phenomenon where Hillary supporters are expressing their frustration and a last gasp attempt to woo superdelegates to their cause?  Or has this primary caused a fracture to form in the Democratic party?

We won’t really know until we see how hard Hillary works to help Obama win the election if he’s the nominee.  If its a tepid effort, it will be interpreted as that she’s hoping for a loss and another chance to run in 2012.  It seems like many of her supporters are already wishing for that exact thing to occur.

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