iTunes App Store needs work

iTunes works well for music, but not so well for selling iPhone applications.  Or at least not yet.  My main problem is trying to figure out what each application does.  For example in the category of photography:iTunesAppStore.jpgIt’s difficult to figure out what any of these applications are just from the icon and the name.  Because of this, customers are forced to click on every application just to read a description.  There should be a one or two line description of the program and maybe a rating to make things easier.

The “New” section is kind of a strange category since it doesn’t look like it has been updated since the App Store opened.  The “New” section should almost be renamed “featured” since new apps are not being put there.

Third party websites like TouchArcade are emerging to fill in the gaps by providing useful and needed information about the applications in the App Store.

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