Jay Leno on Sarah Palin

From TV Barn: Forget Tina Fey. Sarah Palin’s worst nightmare may be Jay Leno

Here’s something I mentioned last week. For some reason the Secret Service revealed this. Sarah Palin’s Secret Service code name is “danali.” Turns out danali is an old Eskimo word that means Dan Quayle.

Today the Secret Service revealed that Sarah Palin’s Secret Service code name is “denali.” Here’s my question, what’s the secret part? I mean if the Secret Service is going to give you a Secret Service code name, shouldn’t they keep it a secret? Why not just call her Sarah?

They also revealed that Sarah’s husband Todd, who works in the oil field…His Secret Service code name is “driller.” I guess they figured Bill Clinton wasn’t using it anymore.

Read the article for more Jay Leno monologues.

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