Nadal wins French Open

From ESPN.com: Nadal’s fire and emotion propel him to fourth French Open title

Roger Federer is one of the greatest tennis players of all time, but Rafael Nadal thoroughly  dominated him at the French Open for his fourth straight French Open title.

It’s amazing to watch the power and spin that Nadal gets on his forehand.  It’s a freakish shot.  No one else in tennis can hit a ball like Nadal does with the amount of topsin that he has.  It seems almost impossible for one of his balls to go long because the ball just “dives” back down on to the court like it’s attracted by a magnet.

There was no secret to Nadal’s approach to Federer.  Attack Federer’s backhand. As the chart showed during the TV broadcast, Nadal hit 100% of his first serves to Federer’s backhand.  Nadal didn’t even bother changing direction once in a while to mix things up.  On clay, Nadal’s shot bounces so high after it hits the ground that Federer had difficulty coming over the ball with his one handed backhand.

Now, this makes Wimbledon that much more interesting.  Federer has dominated Wimbledon like Nadal’s done with the French Open.  But, after watching Nadal play, I think he has a strong shot at unseeding Federer if Nadal can get through to the final.

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