New Beatles track may be released!

From CNN.com: ‘Lost’ Beatles track could finally be heard

A “lost” Beatles track recorded in 1967 and performed just once in public could finally be released, according to Paul McCartney.

“Carnival of Light” — a 14-minute experimental track recorded at the height of the Beatles’ musical experimentations with psychedelia and inspired by avant-garde composers such as Karlheinz Stockhausen — has long been considered too adventurous for mainstream audiences.

The improvised work features distorted electric guitars, discordant sound effects, a church organ and gargling interspersed with McCartney and John Lennon shouting random phrases like “Barcelona” and “Are you all right?“.

This has “hit” written all over it.  To be able to hear John Lennon gargle again.  I may soon have a new favorite song!

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