No more cafeteria meal trays?

From CNN.com: Will ‘green’ movement kill the meal tray?

Glenville State has joined an increasing number of colleges and universities that have shed their cafeteria trays.

In drought-stricken Georgia and North Carolina, the goal is to conserve water by lightening the load on dishwashers. Other schools are trying to cut down on wasted food and conserve energy. Proponents, including major food vendors, say it also reduces the use of water-polluting detergents.

I can’t imagine going to a college cafeteria and not having a tray to carry the food and drinks to the table.  Yes, it might save water and cause college kids to eat a little less, but do the benefits really outweigh the inconvenience?  I think you’d save a lot more water if you were able to keep students from taking 30 minute showers.

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