NYTimes.com: Bush v. Gore Set to Outlast Its Beneficiary

From NYTimes.com: Bush v. Gore Set to Outlast Its Beneficiary

The Supreme Court’s decision in Bush v. Gore, issued eight years ago this month, was widely understood to work like that tape recorder in “Mission: Impossible.” It was meant to produce a president and then self-destruct.

“Our consideration is limited to the present circumstances,” the majority famously said, “for the problem of equal protection in election processes generally presents many complexities.”

This is an interesting article regarding the legacy of the Supreme Court decision of Bush v. Gore that helped decide the election in 2000.  While the decision was only meant for the specific case, it is currently being invoked in many other election cases.  Whenever the Supreme Court gets involved their words and decisions carry a great deal of weight.

“Whatever else Bush v. Gore may be,” Judge Boyce F. Martin Jr. wrote for the majority, “it is first and foremost a decision of the Supreme Court of the United States and we are bound to adhere to it.”

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