Official Olympic protest areas a joke

From NYTimes.com: Two Women Sentenced to ‘Re-education’ in China

Two elderly Chinese women have been sentenced to a year of “re-education through labor” after they repeatedly sought a permit to demonstrate in one of the official Olympic protest areas, according to family members and human rights advocates.

At least a half dozen people have been detained by the authorities after they responded to a government announcement late last month designating venues in three city parks as “protest zones” during the Olympics. So far, no demonstrations have taken place.

It totally blows my mind that the IOC and the international community allows this to happen especially with the Olympics going on.

There have been zero protests in the designated protest areas because not only has China not approved any permits, they’ve arrested and thrown into jail some of those who tried to register.

Meanwhile the international community sits back and enjoys the games.  World leaders need to to take a stand to ensure the release and the guaranteed safety of these individuals.

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