Reuters.com: Taiwan’s Lu stuns Roddick at Wimbledon

Reuters.com: Taiwan’s Lu stuns Roddick at Wimbledon

A great win for Lu Yen-hsun and Taiwan.  I watched the fifth set and I was amazed at the poise that Lu showed.  If you’re going to upset a top 10 player like Lu did, you usually don’t do it in the fifth set where nerves and fatigue can overwhelm you.

Guardian.co.uk: Wimbledon 2010: Andy Roddick sees dreams crushed by Lu Yen-hsun

Lu then revealed his humble beginnings in Chinese Taipei. “My father sold the chicken, not the meat, but the live chicken – they sell the chicken, to the farm or something [where] they kill it and it becomes the meat. I can catch a chicken – I can show you – serious. I tried few times. But I don’t really like because smell really bad. But I know is very tough work. They always working between one in the morning to six in the morning, very early. That time the chicken cannot run away because they cannot see.”

I was at the gym last night where I ran into some of my parents’ Taiwanese friends.  They were all smiles and extremely moved by Lu’s victory.  It’s like one of their own kids had won at Wimbledon.  The Taiwanese community in Cincinnati has a personal connection with Lu.  Last year at the Cincinnati Masters, a Taiwanese family hosted Lu during the tournament and the community had a dinner in his honor after he lost.  I’m sure that they’ll be doing it again this year.

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