Russian Spy SPAM

This is a pretty funny SPAM that I just got.  They even incorporated current events into it!  Seriously, how can anyone fall for this?

I need your Assistance,

I know this mail will bring lots of surprises and inquisitiveness to you since there was no previous association before now between us, Please do not be offended & I will understand completely if you cannot be of assistance to me.  I am the wife of Late Mr. Alexander Litvinenko (Mrs.Marina Litvinenko), former Russian spy.

My Husband tea was poisoned with polonium-210 by the Russia Government and died November 2006 at the University College Hospital in Central London because of the memorandum he wrote concerning numerous connections between top brass of Russian law enforcement agencies and Russian mafia groups, such as Solntsevo gang which they are after my life( Reason I will disclose Further). Visit link: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/17332541/ & http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/6180432.stm

Please I want you to assist in transferring my late husband deposited funds from a financial Diplomatic Vault with one of the biggest banks in the world. All I need from you is to take in charge of the funds transfer to your country for charity purpose and use your discresion on investment without any publicity involvement.

Do take this assistance as a contribution to fate because this is not an easy task for my situation and that is the main reason why I contacted you, more details on establishing relationship with me through my email: mrssashaa2@gmail.com

Mrs.Marina Litvinenko
email: mrssashaa2@gmail.com

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