UPS boomerang- death from above

If you’re at the park, it might be time to start looking for some cover.  Thanks to UPS, I’m now the proud owner of the mighty boomerang.  Once this instrument of death leaves my hand, there’s no telling what havoc it might bring.

UPSBoomerang.pngI wonder with all these boomerangs going out to UPS customers, might we see an uptick in boomerang accidents?  I know every office around here uses UPS too!

UPDATE:  I just went outside and threw it twice.  The first time, it pretty much went straight ahead and almost hit a power line, landing in the parking lot of the warehouse next to me.  The second time, I angled it a little more while throwing it.  It left my hand and went straight forward about 15 feet before going vertical, looping over my warehouse and coming back in my general direction.  It was really cool to watch, but I’m not throwing it here again.  You definitely need a pretty big space to throw it.

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