When is a restaurant reservation not a reservation?

When is a restaurant reservation not a reservation?  When you have one for 9:00pm and don’t get seated until 10:00pm.
The guilty party? Otto’s on Mainstrasse in Covington on Saturday night.  
I understand that you can’t always predict when customers will leave, but an hour?  And we weren’t the only ones.  Another four people ended up eating at the bar because of the wait.  We couldn’t eat at the bar because the three of us had one stool between us.  What we thought was going to be a few minutes became twenty minutes, then an hour.  Leaving was always an option, but we really had no idea that we’d have to wait so long.  It’s hard to leave when you think your table is just around the corner.
The worst part is that they never offered us a drink, an appetizer, nor even a word of apology.  Some kind of gesture would have a long way.
I like Otto’s, but it’ll be a while before I go back.
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