WSJ.com article Get a Grip on Physics- Book in Tiger’s SUV

From WSJ.com: How to Boost Book Sales? For “Get a Grip on Physics,” Tiger Woods’ Crash Helped

The book, a layman’s guide to physics by British science writer John Gribbin, appeared in a photo of Woods’ crashed SUV, lying on the vehicle’s floor. Since yesterday, the book’s Amazon sales rank has jumped from 396,224 to 2,268 — a fortuitous turn for the author. “Anytime a book gets highlighted, you get a spike of a day or two,” Jim Milliot, a senior editor at Publishers Weekly, said. “It happened when President Bush was carrying some books on vacation. It happened with Obama.” Asked if there was an industry term for such a notoriety-induced sales boost, Milliot replied, “dumb luck.”


I guess it’s just human nature.  When I saw the book in this photo, I immediately went to Amazon to look it up too. 
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