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Photo: Electric highway sign

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This sign is just behind a small fence, but facing the highway it looks like a sign that should be warning you about something.  The first time I saw it, I looked over because I wanted to see if there was a traffic issue.  I don't mind the sentiment, but I think the sign is a real distraction and should not be allowed to face the highway.

It's on southbound 75 in Lockland before you reach Ronald Reagan Highway.ElectricRoadSign.jpg

An iPad in the hands of an artist

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Via DaringFireball.

An iPad in the hands of an artist.  This video is definitely worth a look.   I've been a fan of David Kassan's works for a while.  His paintings look almost like photographs.

I have Brushes for the iPad, but the chance of me creating something like this is about the same as a monkey creating Shakespeare.

Coke/McDonald's T-Shirt war commercial

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The guys who created the T-shirt war video were able to parlay that into a McDonald's/Coke commercial.  These days if you have a creative idea and want to break into the business, you should just do it.  If it's good, people will find it.

Photo: Variably Priced Coffee

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Is that .99 and 9/10 dollars?

Reuters.com: Taiwan's Lu stuns Roddick at Wimbledon

A great win for Lu Yen-hsun and Taiwan.  I watched the fifth set and I was amazed at the poise that Lu showed.  If you're going to upset a top 10 player like Lu did, you usually don't do it in the fifth set where nerves and fatigue can overwhelm you.

Guardian.co.uk: Wimbledon 2010: Andy Roddick sees dreams crushed by Lu Yen-hsun

Lu then revealed his humble beginnings in Chinese Taipei. "My father sold the chicken, not the meat, but the live chicken - they sell the chicken, to the farm or something [where] they kill it and it becomes the meat. I can catch a chicken - I can show you - serious. I tried few times. But I don't really like because smell really bad. But I know is very tough work. They always working between one in the morning to six in the morning, very early. That time the chicken cannot run away because they cannot see."
I was at the gym last night where I ran into some of my parents' Taiwanese friends.  They were all smiles and extremely moved by Lu's victory.  It's like one of their own kids had won at Wimbledon.  The Taiwanese community in Cincinnati has a personal connection with Lu.  Last year at the Cincinnati Masters, a Taiwanese family hosted Lu during the tournament and the community had a dinner in his honor after he lost.  I'm sure that they'll be doing it again this year.

Photo: Shepard Fairey Art Silverton

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Finally got out to Silverton to see one of Shepard Fairey's outdoor installations here in Cincinnati.  The main image in this installation is Israel/Palestine.  I love how the curtains are made of smaller prints that she's pulling aside to peer out.IPSilverton.jpg

NYTimes.com: Tuna's End

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NYTimes.com: Tuna's End

By some estimates, there may be only 9,000 of the most ecologically vital megabreeders left in the fish's North American stock, enough for the entire population of New York to have a final bite (or two) of high-grade otoro sushi.
The Bluefin Tuna is a magnificent fish that's about to be hunted to extinction.  We know it, but we just can't stop it.
ESPN.com: France back from disastrous World Cup

Sarkozy has vowed to personally investigate the matter. He met with prime minister Francois Fillon and sports minister Roselyne Bachelot on Wednesday to discuss ways to reform French soccer.
The President of France is personally getting involved to fix French Soccer.

iPhone 4 unboxing

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Got my iPhone 4 about an hour ago.

My initial impressions:

  • The iPhone is an absolutely beautiful phone.  Extremely solid with a finish that makes every other phone I've owned feel like a toy.
  • The screen is incredibly sharp.  Must be seen to really appreciate how clear everything looks.  The screen is closer to the top glass so images look like they're on the surface of the glass.
  • The internal memory seems slightly smaller or iOS4 is bigger as I'm having trouble copying everything from my nearly full iPhone 3GS on to the iPhone 4.
  • The main camera is super sharp.  You can also take pictures with the front facing camera.

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YouTube: Samba Baby

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This baby already feels the rhythm and moves better than I can.

NYTimes.com: Unicorns. They're Not the Other White Meat.

ThinkGeek's April Fools Unicorn meat gets a cease and desist order from the National Pork Board.
I was in Milwaukee over the weekend and had the opportunity to check out the Milwaukee Public Market and the Historic Third Ward.  

The Milwaukee Public Market is similar to Columbus's North Market as an upscale foodie destination, with unique food shops and great places to eat.  The Milwaukee Public Market is a large newer building with spacious aisles and lots of places to sit.  Cincinnati's Findlay Market in comparison is narrower, a bit grittier, and a lot older, but has much more of a working market feel. 

The eating establishments make the Milwaukee Public Market a destination for both the lunch and dinner crowd, staying open on weekdays until 8pm.

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In 2008, Touchdown Jesus was flooded
TDJesusFlood.JPGIn 2010, Touchdown Jesus was struck by lightning, burnt to the ground

DaytonDailyNewsTDjesus.jpgIn 2012, ???

2012 is turning out to be a pretty bad year with all those end of the world predictions. I'm thinking best case scenario, we're getting locusts, maybe a bad case of the cicadas when Touchdown Jesus is resurrected.

NYTimes.com: Man Hunting Bin Laden Is Arrested

PESHAWAR, Pakistan (AP) -- An American armed with a pistol and a 40-inch (102-centimeter) sword was detained in northern Pakistan and told investigators he was on a solo mission to kill Osama bin Laden, a police officer said Tuesday.

The man, identified as 52-year-old Californian construction worker Gary Brooks Faulkner, said he wanted to cross over into the nearby Afghan province of Nuristan because he had ''heard bin Laden was living there'', according to officer Mumtaz Ahmad Khan.

ESPN.com: FIFA president backs vuvuzela tradition

If you've watched any of the World Cup, then you know what a stadium filled with vuvuzelas sounds like- an angry swarm of bees.  I found the sound to not only be annoying, but also strangely hypnotic.  Whenever I watched soccer this weekend, I started feeling sleepy.  Whether it was the vuvuzelas or the soccer itself, I ended up taking two pretty long naps this weekend.

Bengals introduce Family Zone at PBS

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Bengals.com: Bengals introduce Family Zone at PBS

The Cincinnati Bengals are excited to announce the introduction of a brand new area to Paul Brown Stadium. The Bengals have designated an area on the stadium's east Canopy Level as a Family Section for the 2010 home schedule.

The Bengals' new Family Zone, located in Section 347, is a ticketed seating area that encourages a family and kid-friendly environment. This section was created to give families an option to enjoy a Bengals game in an alcohol-free environment. No alcoholic beverages will be permitted, and the area will be strictly monitored for signs of any inappropriate behavior.
You can tell how important families are to the Bengals by the location of the Family Zone in Paul Brown Stadium.

Photo: Facebook = Problems

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I couldn't agree with this more, but I wouldn't wear it on a shirt.

Google Background Picture

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UPDATE: Google has changed the default behavior, removing the background picture.  Hopefully it stays as a user controllable option.

Dale Chihuly's glass art is nice to look at, but hard to read text against on the default Google background.  What's worse is that there's no way of removing the background picture and going back to the Google page.

Google allows you to replace the picture with your own and I created a white background, but it doesn't look right since the Google letters are still white.

I ended up settling on a black background which slowly fades in.  It makes Google seem slow to load.  At least I'm able to search Google through the search box on Safari.
GoogleBlackBackground.jpgHere's an image of a black background that you can use.  Just click to enlarge and then save it to upload to Google.

HuffingtonPost.com: Alvin Greene UPSET: Mystery Man Stuns In South Carolina Senate Primary

An unemployed military veteran who raised no funds and put up no campaign website shocked South Carolina's Democratic Party leadership by capturing the nomination Tuesday to face Republican U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint in November.
This is an odd story.  How does an unemployed guy who raised no funds and didn't campaign find and put $10,400 on the line for the filing fee to run for Senate?
Cincinnati.com: Havana Martini Club closing Saturday

Downtown's Havana Martini Club ends its 14-year run serving drinks and selling cigars this Saturday.

Construction will begin immediately on The Penguin, a dueling piano bar whose owner operates similar clubs in Lexington and Columbia, Mo. The Penguin will be the region's third dueling piano bar to open in the last year.
Region's third dueling piano bar?  Seriously?  It seems like one dueling piano bar would be one too many.

Havana's dance floor was too small and crowded to really dance salsa well, but it was still the place to go.  The salsa community is going to miss it.

NYDailyNews.com: Debrahlee Lorenzana sues Citigroup, claims bank fired her for being too sexy

A Latina lovely says her bosses at Citigroup canned her for flaunting her ample assets at a midtown bank.

The 33-year-old Queens woman filed suit in Manhattan Supreme Court, claiming she was ordered to lay off turtlenecks, pencil skirts and fitted suits because clingy clothes were drawing too much attention in the workplace.
"Debrahlee Lorenzana would be very attractive in a burka," said her lawyer Jack Tuckner, of Tuckner Sipser Weinstock & Sipser.
The banking industry just isn't what it used to be.  Now it's not just oversized bonuses their banning.
Treehugger.com: Volkwagen's Electric Bike Folds Up To Size And Shape of Spare Tire

volkswagen-bike-468.jpgThis cool looking electric bike folds up and fits in the spare tire spot in the car.  Is it really a bike if it doesn't have pedals?  And I'm not sure where the actual spare tire goes if there's a bike there unless you have run flat tires.  The cool thing is that the bike battery is recharged by the car.  Overall I think it's a pretty cool idea.  Park once in a city and then bike around for all your other stops.
Thumbnail image for BikeFolded.png

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