No “sesame” for iPhone

From mobilecomputermag.co.uk: Is the iPhone’s predictive text too clever for its own good?

The iPhone’s predictive text doesn’t allow you to type the word “sesame” letter by letter.

If you try typing S-E-S, and then try to type an “A”, only an “S” shows up.  The only way to type it is to go ahead and type “S”, backspace and then correctly type in the rest.

However, if you just type it in fast and not look at what you’re typing, “sesame” shows up as the correction.  So if you just type in “sessme” or “swsame”, “sesame” shows up as the correction.

Kind of weird.

There’s a video in the article above of someone trying to type in the word Damiera.  The word Flickr also has this same problem.

Thread about this on Apple’s Discussion Board

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