Stimulus check delay for some using TurboTax

From SeattlePi.com: Consumer Smarts: The IRS check may not be in the mail

Miller said Turbo Tax users had two options to pay for tax-preparation fees — using a credit card or having the fees deducted from their federal tax refund. If they chose the latter, Turbo Tax uses a third-party bank to process that transaction. That bank creates a temporary account, deposits the federal tax refund and deducts the tax-preparation fees before depositing the tax refund to the taxpayer.

The use of the third-party bank as a middleman “interrupts” the tax rebate process, Miller said, and that’s why the IRS says it will send the tax rebate directly to taxpayers by mail.

I had been wondering what happened to my economic stimulus check, but it finally arrived yesterday by mail.  I had been expecting it to be electronically deposited several weeks ago, but as mentioned in the article above, I had the fees deducted from the tax refund.

Now, all I have to do is decide what country’s economy I want to stimulate with my “stimulus”.  Sweden (Ikea) or China (Apple).  I guess I could always buy food if I avoid imported fruit and vegetables.  Maybe, I’ll just be totally unpatriotic and put the money in the bank.  Saving your money is unpatriotic these days!

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