Cincinnati Chad Ochocinco Cereal Promotes Phone Sex Line Chad Ochocinco Cereal Promotes Phone Sex Line

The phone number printed on Ochocinco’s cereal boxes directs callers to a phone sex line that offers “the sluttiest girls your nasty imagination can dream.” The voice who answers the call promises that “me and my ultra-hot girlfriends will do whatever it takes to pleasure you,” and the woman does not spare detail when mentioning multiple sexual positions.

Ochocinco says the erotic number is all one big mistake.

The number should have been 888-HELP-FTC, instead the number is printed as 800-HELP-FTC. 

I actually have this same problem with one of the toll free numbers for my business.  It’s listed everywhere correctly, but if the customer dials in 800 instead of 888 they get a sex line.

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