Airplane food

Besides getting there, the one other thing you have to look forward to on an airplane is being fed. The whole process of serving food and eating helps make the time pass more quickly

For dinner, I had the beef.

While not visually attractive, it actually tasted pretty good. It was an Asian style dish with a black bean sauce.

The three pieces of shrimp in the cocktail were also good. I wonder how much thought went into choosing three shrimp as the appropriate number for an airplane shrimp cocktail. Maybe that’s all the shrimp that one packet of cocktail sauce can cover.

I’ve never seen cocktail sauce packaged this way like ketchup. I wonder if this is made for airlines or if there is a need for cocktail sauce packets.

The rest of the tray was pretty mediocre.

Salad: lettuce and one tomato. I only ate it because that’s probably the only vegetable that I’m going to see on this flight.

Bread: dry and flavorless. Pretty much just a deliver vehicle for butter.

Dessert: a cross between the worst parts of a cookie and a brownie. Seems designed solely for the purpose of leaving crumbs everywhere.

It’s dark now, but I can’t sleep. Even Eat, Pray, Love isn’t putting me to sleep as I thought it would.

Breakfast is going to be a long night away if I can’t get to sleep.

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