Ben Rotheseburgehergh

ESPN.com: Statement: Accuser ‘dragged’ to room

At this time it is unclear to what happened after this point due to the complainant’s recollection being foggy from her intoxication level. However, she did write a statement of what she thought happened.”

In part, the woman’s statement read: “I met Ben Rotheseburgehergh [sic] at Velvet [Elvis, a local bar]. He went to the Brick because he was [unreadable] to not be bombarded by fans. He then met us at the Brick and called me ‘a tease.’ Eventually we saw him at the Capital City & saw him there.”

Friends don’t let friends drink and write statements…

I tried putting “Rotheseburgehergh” on a Steelers jersey at NFLshop.com, but it’s six letters too long and it’s doubtful that the NFLshop would allow one to be made.  So, I decided to mock one up for fun.

Interestingly, the correct spelling of Roethlisberger is also too many letters for the custom jersey website.
BenRotheseburgehergh.jpgUPDATE: TheSmokingGun.com is all over this with the actual written statements.  Here’s how she wrote “Rotheseburgehergh”


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