Bridge to Nowhere “bad”, Bridge to Wasilla “good”?

From AP.com: Palin supports $600 million ‘other’ bridge project

Gov. Sarah Palin may eventually have said “no thanks” to a federally funded Bridge to Nowhere.

But a bridge to her hometown of Wasilla, that’s a different story.

A $600 million bridge and highway project to link Alaska’s largest city to Palin’s town of 7,000 residents is moving full speed ahead, despite concerns the bridge could worsen some commuting and threaten a population of beluga whales.

At the time, Palin’s running mate for the Republican ticket, Arizona Sen. John McCain, derided both projects as wasteful. He called Young’s highway bill a “monstrosity” that was “terrifying in its fiscal consequences.”

$600 million dollar bridge for the 7000 people of Wasilla? 

Palin was for the Bridge to Nowhere and then kept the money when it was canceled.  And now she’s for the Bridge to Wasilla, her hometown.

How McCain can continue to tout her as a reformer is beyond me.  She’s just a product of Alaskan politics, power and cronyism at its worst.

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