Wearing shorts at work

From NYTimes.com: Shorts Crack the CodeShorts Crack the Code - NYTimes.com.jpg

Theoretically, for gender equality men should be able to show some leg and wear shorts to work.

But the pictures of these three guys in the NYTimes pretty much show why this really isn’t a good idea. 

The guy on the left gives me the creeps.  The coverage of everything but the legs just serves to emphasize his pasty white legs.  What color shoes do you wear with pasty white legs?  Do you match the suit or try to find something to complement the legs? 

The second guy’s shorts are way too short.  He looks a little too anxious to show some leg.  If you’re wearing shorts to work, how short should your shorts be?  What if some guy showed up in “Daisy Dukes”?

The third guy.  I don’t trust him.  If he showed up to my office, I’d check his man purse before he left because he looks like he probably stole something from me.

And this doesn’t even get into leg hygiene.  If you’re going to wear shorts to work is male leg hygiene necessary?  Who’s going to tell Sasquatch that he’s too hairy to wear shorts to work?  Maybe it’s better not to cross that line.

For full disclosure, I wear shorts and t-shirts to work in the summer.  One the benefits to owning your own business.

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