Chinese Teacher sent to labor camp for posting quake photos

From NYTimes.com: Sichuan Teacher Punished for Quake Photos, Rights Group Says

A Chinese schoolteacher who posted his photographs of quake-damaged schools online has been ordered to a labor camp for a year, a human rights group said Wednesday.

He was detained on June 25, and the principal of his school was told that he was being held for “disseminating rumors and destroying social order,” the group said in a statement.

His wife was informed earlier this month that he had been ordered to serve a year of re-education through labor, an extrajudicial system that sidesteps the need for trial or formal charge.

No trial. One year in the labor camps for re-education.  Just for posting pictures of shoddy school construction.  This hits home for me because if I felt like a something was wrong here and I had photographs of it, I wouldn’t hesitate to post them on the web.  Here, that makes you a blogger.  In China, that makes you a prisoner in one of their labor camps.

I hope the added attention brought by the Olympics sheds some more light on these human rights abuses.

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