Chuck Norris afraid John McCain will drop dead

From the Chicago Tribune: Huckabee backer Chuck Norris says McCain too old for president

“I didn’t pick John to support because I’m just afraid that the vice president would wind up taking over his job in that four-year presidency,” said Norris, who was hosting a fundraiser for Huckabee at his Lone Wolf Ranch.

Let’s see.  John McCain is 71 and Chuck Norris is 67 turning 68 in March.  If I were Chuck, I wouldn’t be too quick at pointing fingers at who might be dropping dead.  Yeah, I know his plastic face is defying space, time and well, gravity, and will probably live forever.  But, it seems a little odd for him to be pointing out old age in others.

But, maybe he’s right that there’s a difference between 67 and 71.  If I were going to fight Chuck Norris in karate, would I rather fight him now or at 71?  Yeah, I think waiting until he was 71 would make me taking out Chuck Norris a little more likely, though somewhat less satisfying.

Anyways, why is the media even quoting Chuck Norris?  Since when has anyone cared about anything Chuck Norris has done or said?  So until Huckabee makes Chuck Norris his running mate or Chuck remakes Walker, Texas Ranger or Matlock, he should just go away.

John McCain’s reaction:
From Reuters: McCain trashes Norris’ talk about his age

“I’m going to send my 95-year-old mother to just go over and wash Chuck Norris’ mouth out with soap,” McCain quipped at a new conference.

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  • Reply Dale January 22, 2008 at 6:42 pm

    I’ve always wondered why people actually listen to when celebrities talk about things they have no knowledge in. You don’t hear me talking about what the latest fashions are.

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