Drive it like you stole it!

From CBC News: Ford ad backfires in Manitoba


Ford of Canada is pulling a controversial advertisment that’s left many Manitobans wondering if the company had bad timing, bad taste, or just bad judgment.

The full-page advertisement, which appears in the City & Business section of Friday’s Winnipeg Free Press, shows the rear of a vehicle with a bumper sticker reading, “Drive it like you stole it.”

The vehicle appears over a banner with the caption, “Built for life in Manitoba.”

I think this ad must have come from Ford U.S. where they were trying to go for some exciting imagery, of a car so cool that you’d want to steal it and go ripping through the streets, cutting off cars, and shooting at cops without a care in the world.  Instead, they’re marketing it in Manitoba, Canada.  Where stealing is borrowing a car with the key left in the ignition to go ice fishing or to pick up kids from daycare.  Now that’s excitement!

Sorry Canadians.  I’m just joking. 🙂 No email please.
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