Delta Adds Fuel Fee to Frequent-Flier Tickets

From NYTimes.com: Delta Adds Fuel Fee to Frequent-Flier Tickets

In the latest fee to hit the airline industry, Delta Air Lines said Friday that it planned to begin charging a fuel surcharge of up to $50 for booking frequent-flier tickets under its awards program.

“We hope this is temporary,” Mr. Robertson said, “and should fuel prices subside from current levels, we will re-evaluate this surcharge.”


Mr. Robertson also said Delta would introduce a “new, multi-tiered award program” in the next 60 days but gave no details. Industry analysts have predicted that airlines may increase the number of miles required for a frequent-flier ticket.

This is more good news from Delta.  I think the only way this could get better is if they could cram 4 people into every three seats.

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