Cincinnati.com: Fairey poster depicts the CAC

Cincinnati.com: Fairey poster depicts the CAC


As part of his solo exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Center, Shepard Fairey created an illustration of the building itself. Signed and numbered, limited-edition prints of the illustration – just 450 will be made – will be for sale only at the CAC Store for $50 (profits will benefit the CAC).

“I use the CAC building because it’s a beautifully designed building and it makes a specific connection to my show traveling to that museum, but I’m not using specific landmarks for the other pieces in the series,” he says. “The series deals with multiple themes and symbolic structures, including a bank and a factory.

This is quite an honor for the CAC.  Off hand, I can only think of a few other Shepard Fairey prints that are of recognizable buildings.

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