ESPN.com: Woods’ influence crossing generations

ESPN.com: Woods’ influence crossing generations

“Tiger’s China trip changed my daughter’s life,” said Feng Delin, 54, Cindy’s father. “Lots of kids from her generation took the path of golf all because Tiger came to China and introduced the game to the Chinese people.”

Interesting article about Tiger’s influence on one particular girl in China who’s now a golf prodigy in the United States.  How many people have the ability to inspire like Tiger Woods?

UPDATE: Another Tiger Woods in China article
ESPN.com: Woods’ appeal hasn’t fully hit China

Nike, one of Tiger’s biggest partners elsewhere, largely limits the use of his image to in-store promotions, whereas Kobe Bryant, another high-profile Nike athlete, is nearly ubiquitous in China, with China-specific campaigns.

“This will definitely change,” Paull said. “Golf is going through the fastest change of any sport in China right now. There were more golf courses completed in the last three years than the previous thirty years.

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