Why don’t the Cincinnati Bengals discount tickets to sellout PBS?

The Bengals are winning, but every week the Bengals seem to be 5000 seats short of a sellout.  Without a sellout, the Bengals are blacked out in the local television market.  The matchup with Baltimore is a compelling one, but the next three home games after this with bad teams- Cleveland, Detroit, and Kansas City most certainly will not sellout.

My first thought about the problem is price.  The price vs. location of the seats makes absolutely no sense to me.  Football tickets are expensive, but the differential between the worst ticket and the best ticket is only $18.  Why would someone pay $62 dollars to be in the upper reaches of the stadium when really good seats only cost $18 more. 

The remaining 5000 tickets are most likely the worst seats left in the stadium.  Why not charge half price and fill the stadium?  In a down economy, the Bengals could lure some new fans to the stadium by charging $25 or so for tickets.

If the Bengals don’t want to discount individual tickets, discount tickets drastically if they are bought for all four games.  The Bengals offer “Who Dey” packs, but instead of discounts, they offer somewhat better seat locations and a few other perks.

The Bengals are finally good, but the marketing team seems to be stuck with the old marketing playbook.  Why not try a sale to shake things up?

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  • Reply Jerry Gill November 7, 2009 at 7:24 am

    I agree 100 percent .If the Bengals allow the games to be blacked out by doing nothing in a bad economy will only make the fans that have supported them when they could affod tickets to see a bad team.Now they have a decent team they will punish the true fans that are hurt by economy and may never get them back.But this is what will happen cause Brown doesn’t care about the fans ,he has poven this timre and time again.They would have already had two blackouts if it wasn,t for Chad,Motorola,Kroger,and channel 12 for bailing them out. Yoy didn,t see Mike Brown step up and do anything to fix the issue in a bad economy

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