First generation iPhone lower battery life with 2.0 update

I’ve noticed that my first generation iPhone is draining the battery much more quickly with the iPhone 2.0 update.  This is just for every day phone use WITHOUT using applications.  I’ve been too busy the last couple of days to play around with the applications.  Right now, I get enough battery charge to last through the day, but by the end of the day the battery gauge is much lower than what I’m used to seeing.

It’s probably the iPhone’s new push mail and contacts.  Battery life’s the price to be paid when having your data more in sync.

I’m considering disabling push for mail unless I’m on the road and I need to see my mail as it comes in.  Right now, I’ve turned off receiving an alert when I get mail because it’s been beeping and vibrating because of the volume of incoming mail that I receive.  Plus, I use my iPhone as my alarm clock, so late night beeping is not welcome.

I did get my first alert that an application has been updated.  I like how the App Store shows a little number showing how many updates are waiting.

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