Hope Solo’s father was homeless

From NYTimes.com: With Solo in Goal, U.S. Women Win Gold in Overtime

Solo had been especially close to her father. She described him as a homeless man, but said he served as her inspiration with his candor and effervescence. She had dedicated a championship in the 2007 World Cup to his memory, only to have her plans come undone in the semifinal match against Brazil.

There was much about her father she did not know, including his real name. He was variously known as Jeffrey, Johnny and Jerry. He was a Vietnam veteran from the Bronx, who moved to Seattle, lived in a tent and may have been in a witness protection program, Solo said. He died before many of her questions were answered.

After being estranged, Jeffrey Solo reconnected with Hope when she attended the University of Washington from 1999-2002. He attended her games and she often took macaroni and cheese to the tent where he lived, a place where they talked for hours.

I had heard about the controversial benching of Hope Solo last year at the Women’s World Cup, but I guess I missed the story about her father being homeless.

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